Black Women in the Global Village

Elaine in Puerta del Sol area of Madrid

Living & Working Abroad

Teaching abroad offers you the opportunity to experience a new culture gain valuable work experience. You get to see the world and make money at the same time. Teaching abroad allows you to become a global citizen.  You will be faced with the challenges of living and working in a foreign country, but you will come out of it a more independent and adaptable person.

Elaine, or Afromorena as she is known on her blog,  became enamored with international travel while in middle school where she took her first Spanish course. Given her humble background, she never thought it was possible to go abroad. Ten years later, after feeling the effects of the recent recession, she decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue a position she discovered as an undergrad. Afromorena became a bilingual teacher assistant in Spain and was able to live in the heart of Madrid for several months.

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