First Ladies of Uganda and Rwanda Ask Girls to Shun Early Sex


The First Ladies observed that if the youth shun pre-marital sex and married partners are faithful to each other, Africa will get a generation of children free of AIDS.

Mrs. Museveni told the students that Africans had ignored the best and free HIV/AIDS prevention method, have allowed to be misguided.

She said that by people abstaining from pre-marital sex, faithfulness in marriage, and condom use strategy, Uganda reduced the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate from 30% to 6.5 % in the nineties.

“We were very proud then, but after some years the youth listened to some messages saying that it was their right to have sex. They referred to the ideology of abstinence as impractical,” Mrs. Museveni said.

She decried the fact that Africans are the biggest consumers of HIV drugs and that they continue to die needlessly because they have ignored the best prevention methods.

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