Black Women in the Global Village

Jennifer posing in Stratford Upon Avon, England.

Writer Jennifer Poe, founder of Imported Chocolate, talks about her travels to Buenos Aires, Argentina, starting her own site, and shares her advice for new bloggers in this week’s Black Women in the Global Village.

How did being a black American woman enhance your experience in Argentina?

Well, one plus was that I could have any guy I wanted. I never had a shortage of date proposals.  I actually had to turn some down. I would walk in a room and have guys compete with each other for my affections. My reaction was WHAAAAT!!!!!!  However, sometimes the attention was overwhelming. I would get stared at every where I went and there were some ignorant moments.  But 99.9 % of my experiences were wonderful and I met a lot of amazing people who are still my close friends.
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