Black Women in the Global Village

Jennifer posing in Stratford Upon Avon, England.

Writer Jennifer Poe, founder of Imported Chocolate, talks about her travels to Buenos Aires, Argentina, starting her own site, and shares her advice for new bloggers in this week’s Black Women in the Global Village.

How did being a black American woman enhance your experience in Argentina?

Well, one plus was that I could have any guy I wanted. I never had a shortage of date proposals.  I actually had to turn some down. I would walk in a room and have guys compete with each other for my affections. My reaction was WHAAAAT!!!!!!  However, sometimes the attention was overwhelming. I would get stared at every where I went and there were some ignorant moments.  But 99.9 % of my experiences were wonderful and I met a lot of amazing people who are still my close friends.
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Observations: Judging by Appearance

Is it wrong to judge people by their appearance?

When I am preparing for interview, I do what everyone else does.  I make sure my suit is clean and wrinkle-free, my hair is neat and tidy, I’ve researched the employer, etc.  Why? I do all of these things so that I make a great first impression.  I know the employers are going to judge me based on what I’m saying and equally, if not more importantly, my appearance.  We would all agree that in that situation, it’s okay for the employer to judge the new prospect.

Imagine instead if I came into that interview wearing the same suit jacket with a matching skirt, except my skirt was too small and too short and instead of wearing a blouse, I’m wearing a tank top that exposes most of my breasts.  with flip-flops on.  We already know I would not have gotten the job looking like such a hot mess.  I doubt my mother would have said:

“Oh baby that’s terrible!  How could they judge you by what you were wearing?  Shouldn’t they focus on how intelligent you are and not what you are wearing?”

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