First Ladies of Uganda and Rwanda Ask Girls to Shun Early Sex


The First Ladies observed that if the youth shun pre-marital sex and married partners are faithful to each other, Africa will get a generation of children free of AIDS.

Mrs. Museveni told the students that Africans had ignored the best and free HIV/AIDS prevention method, have allowed to be misguided.

She said that by people abstaining from pre-marital sex, faithfulness in marriage, and condom use strategy, Uganda reduced the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate from 30% to 6.5 % in the nineties.

“We were very proud then, but after some years the youth listened to some messages saying that it was their right to have sex. They referred to the ideology of abstinence as impractical,” Mrs. Museveni said.

She decried the fact that Africans are the biggest consumers of HIV drugs and that they continue to die needlessly because they have ignored the best prevention methods.

She likened these messages to false advice given to one to wear stockings to avoid a snake bite and called on the youth to abstain from pre-marital sex as the best option to avoid AIDS.

Mrs. Museveni also told the students to make a decision never to catch HIV/AIDS when they are young or when they grow old by abstaining from pre-marital sex and being faithful to their marriage partners in future.

Mrs. Jeannette Kagame cautioned the students against diagnosing HIV/AIDS on face value, saying few people know their HIV status.

She observed that a good education foundation had empowered young women in Africa to take up leadership roles and encouraged the girls to use the advantage of being educated.

Mrs. Kagame advised them to live by a personal vision and use this crucial time in their lives to focus on their integrity and mold their characters in society.

The students had a question-and-answer interaction with the First Ladies on challenges faced by women in politics, ideas from the Western world on women emancipation, balancing between being a wife, mother and career.

Others were domestic violence, dealing with separated parents, teenage pregnancies and how to change the attitude of society on women.

The girls were advised not to consider themselves as inferior in whatever they choose as their careers and to learn to balance their time in the various roles with a determination to serve.

The First Ladies also advised the youth not to take ideas from the Western world as gospel truth.


Do you agree or disagree with the First Ladies?  Are solutions to the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS going to depend of the country and its cultures or is there a one ‘size fits all’ solution?

4 thoughts on “First Ladies of Uganda and Rwanda Ask Girls to Shun Early Sex

  1. Very good advice. Best way to protect yourself is keeping your legs closed as old fashion as that might be. And be very picky and careful. It’s usually free in southern africa to get a HIV test.

    • I think this advice is best for this community. i hate when outside forces (the West) think they which practices are best when the visit certain countries in Africa. Methods like these actually work for some women.

  2. The First Ladies also advised the youth not to take ideas from the Western world as gospel truth.

    Do they mean like religion?.

    Oh and where’s the message for the men who ARE the ones actually spreading this disease across this continent?.

    Would be more telling if they gave out free condoms along with an HIV test, Nkosazana!.

    • I watch a doc a couple months ago that basically studied what happened when HIV/AIDS workers came in to decrease the infection rate by promoting condom use and the number of infections increased. Before they had come, they were using the method of ‘waiting til marriage’ and the infection rates had been low. I need to find it so I can figure out which village and county they were talking about.

      But I think that’s what they mean by, “not to take ideas from the Western world as gospel truth.”

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