Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Collection

South African Textile manufacturer Seardel has launched a brand new men’s wear and women’s wear collection for ‘Nelson Mandela 46664′. The collection was designed in aim of raising money for AIDS and HIV research.

The collection features garments marked with “46664″ which was the number given to Nelson Mandela upon his arrival at Robben Island prison when he was wrongly imprisoned in 1964. Items include men’s shirts, polos and jeans bearing the famous anti-apartheid “Hand of Africa” symbol as a logo. Dresses and skirts of various colors are also available for women.

Between seven and nine percent of the revenue generated by the clothes will go to Mandela’s foundation, which is committed to battling the spread of HIV and AIDS.

When you buy a 46664 shirt, you are not just buying apparel. You are investing in a process that will help spread the legacy of Nelson Mandela by supporting the long-term sustainability of 46664. You are also helping to positively stimulate the local clothing and textile manufacturing industry. – Achmat Dangorm, a foundation board member.


5 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Collection

    • It’s a must for that if I am buying “African” clothing, that it be made by Africans and the materials be from the region so that I know my money is going to stay in the local economy of whatever city or village they are living in.

      • Yes, I buy South African goods as often as I can. Most of the wine we drink are South African for example. The more I buy the more jobs are created and the more poor people gets out of poverty . I’m sorry I don’t give a crap about Chinese people.

        I want my country men to prosper for once in history, they deserves it!

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