Herieth Paul in September Issue of ELLE

Hereith Paul in Hide & Seek for Elle’s September 2011 issue.  It features Fall 2011 looks from several designers including Burberry and The Row.

“Pile on the seasons bold new silhouette: sumptuous, high volume fur layered over separates in suede silk and supple leather.”
Photography by KT Auleta and styling by Kate Lanphear.

7 thoughts on “Herieth Paul in September Issue of ELLE

      • I see no problem in having a mink coat, I acctually think they look quite nice! I know just the store in Copenhagen I’ll drag hubster to later this year or maybe next one.. Maybe I’ll ask hubster to take up hunting so he can bring me a wolf coat lol, now when you can hunt them here in Sweden.

        It’s one thing to go out and kill an endanged animal but I got no problem at all with a fur coat as long as it’s not endanged or poatched. You eat chicken right? same thing.

  1. It’s funny how you can see a gorgeous sister who looks like Herieth in a high fashion magazine without issue but hardly any sisters who look like her in a music video. forget seeing the such grace and class in a music video.

    • If your are talking about rap/hip-hop videos…yes. But then again, why would any self-respecting black woman be watching 95%+ of those videos…or listening to their music??

      We know that genre of “music” and their artists are notorious for being misogynist in their lyrics and images of black women. If they want to use light-skinned Latinas and Asians, well than that means there are less black women being disrespected by these “musicians”…now they want to call themselves lyricists lol

      Now if we are talking about solo bw artists, there are videos with them included, however there could be much more of them!

      But it is interesting how the fashion industry uses black models who resemble Harieth and more famous model Alek Wek.

  2. I’m a vegetarian, but it’s not for “political” reasons. Any fleisch, including chicken, makes me feel ill. Nonetheless, if you hunted the animal yourself, fine, but reality is that most are kept in inhumane ways. I wouldn’t want to be part of that….

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