Black Women in the Global Village

Naomi on her 21st birthday on Dingle Peninsula in Dingle, Ireland.

Writer Naomi Prioleau, a Journalism major and graduate of The University of South Florida, shares her thoughts on the importance of black women living well through travel in this edition of Black Women in the Global Village.

How did you get interested in traveling?

Travel chose me. I believe that our passion chooses us no matter what age we are. There was never a particular moment in my life where I decided that I wanted to travel. It just happened; I saw a chance to travel abroad for my first love, writing. I fell in love with the culture shock, the uncomfortable plane rides, the different foods and everything else in between.

What’s the importance of black women, especially African-American women, traveling?

I think it should be a requirement that all black women travel at least ONCE in their lifetime. There are so many stereotypes about black women in the world and by traveling we have the power to break those stereotypes and show the world who we truly are. Also, I’ve noticed that in most cultures, black women are embraced by everyone. I don’t know if it’s because of our hair, our shapely figures or our skin tones, but the curiosity and amazement that is shown to us from people of different cultures is a beautiful thing.

Naomi: "I loved Stonehenge. It had such an energy to it!"

Traveling opens your mind, heart and soul and most importantly reconnects you with yourself. You really become in tune with yourself when you travel and it’s the most frighteningly fascinating thing you’ll ever experience. I think that’s something that black women lack: the ability to be 100 percent honest with themselves no matter how much it hurts, but travel brings that to the forefront because you are no longer in charge of you. You are the foreigner.

There’s a sense of denial when it comes to African-American women, because we HAVE to be strong, and can’t and don’t acknowledge our weaknesses. This dates all the way back to slavery. We don’t want to acknowledge the obesity in our culture or the broken homes, the teenage pregnancies, etc. When you travel you abandon all of this and become more connected with you. So go on and travel, lose control, lose yourself, love yourself and take in a new culture. There’s nothing better than breaking stereotypes and being admired all while appreciating your race because honestly, who wouldn’t want that?

Tell us about your blog

Kansan Girl Chronicles is a travel and semi personal blog about the places and people I’ve encountered. My goal for the blog is to continue to share my stories and adventures from anywhere and everywhere that I’ve traveled and in turn inspire people of all races, ethnicities and religions etc to travel and open their mind.

What are your favorite travel blogs??

Wanderlust and Lipstick

This site has great tours for women only to so many destinations. Very empowering.

Black Girl Travel

This site really made me aware of the world of “black travel.” I love seeing Black women coming together especially for something as wonderful as travel. When we all work together we’re UNSTOPPABLE.

Matador Travel

I love going to this site to get inspiration for travel writing. They have articles on EVERYTHING travel related and they’re always updating! I can’t just read ONE article on this site.

National Geographic Traveler

The granddaddy of them all. Nothing else needs to be said.

Wanderlust UK

I enjoy this site because it helps you plan a trip and gives you recommendations (what to see) and expectations for your destination.


This is great because it brings all travelers together. If you are thinking of going to Guam, they have message boards with other travelers who probably have the same questions as you do and give each other feedback.

Naomi at the top of Il Duomo in Florence, Italy.

Thoughts on “Living Well”

To live well, for me, means to completely accept yourself and find people who accept your true self. Living well is beyond fortune and fame. To live well is to be comfortable with who you are because once you are, you will naturally attract the type of lifestyle you desire. I feel it’s important for black women to live well and love themselves because more often than not, we don’t have someone in our lives who tells us that we are perfect just the way we are or shows us that we don’t need to put up with things that we don’t want to.

When we as African-American women especially don’t realize our self-worth, it only sets us up for failure. You attract what you are, so we have to raise our standards and attract only great things for ourselves.  

If you have questions or kind words for Naomi, please leave them below.  

Thank you Naomi for sharing your thoughts on travel with us 🙂

3 thoughts on “Black Women in the Global Village

  1. “You really become in tune with yourself when you travel and it’s the most frighteningly fascinating thing you’ll ever experience.”

    So true! I have grown tremendously as a person throughout our travels over the past six years. Off to read her blog…I am from Kansas too!

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