Elite Model Look Nigeria 2011 Finalists

Elite Model Look is the most renowned international modeling contest in the world. It is unique in providing the opportunity for young girls to enter the fashion world, become models and begin fabulous careers. The Elite Model Look contest is a prestigious event open to beginners with a professional aim: looking for and discovering the young hopefuls who will become the top models of the future.

Since 1983, Elite Model Look competition has discovered future industry luminaries. Super models such as Cindy CrawfordStephanie SeymourTatjana Patitz, Claudia Schiffer, Karen Mulder, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Denisa Dvorakova and Gisele Bundchen were all discovered through Elite.

For the 4th consecutive year, the Elite team toured Nigeria to offer a unique springboard to the girls that dream of becoming models.

The 2011 Elite Model Look Tour Nigeria, composed of 5 castings, in different Nigerian cities. The Elite casting team selected 50 girls from Lagos, Abuja. Port Harcourt, Enugu and Benin to participate in the national finals and 14 girls were selected to compete at the semi finals.

The 14 finalists for the 2011 edition of Elite Model Look Nigeria are:

  • Oiza Olayebi
  • Rita Ojo
  • Ubi Mavefe
  • Sharon Egwurube
  • Funmilayo Adeoye
  • Saratu Iliyasu
  • Chinwe Princess Ejere
  • Udoma Owia
  • Rebecca Areola
  • Ruky Imalele
  • Ruth Okereafor
  • Oluwaseun Adebayo
  • Chidera Loveth Okoro
  • Dorathy Chizoba Alieze

The finalists will meet in Lagos on the 28th of August 2011 for 7 days of intensive preparation. They will showcase their talent during the Final Show that will be held on September 3rd 2011 at the Civic Center Lagos Nigeria.


9 thoughts on “Elite Model Look Nigeria 2011 Finalists

  1. The hair!. [BWLivingWell: trying to keep it pg-13 here Foos! lol. i had to take that bit out]

    No afros, curly dos?. Irrespective of their beauty…….Nothing against relaxed and weave, but it would be soooooooo nice. Our natural hair, WITH hairline, brings out our beauty more. We’re doe-eyed, high cheek-boned, round/flat nose beauties. Our afro hair ENHANCES these atributes in MOST of us…..my observation…..

    • Women should be able to style/wear their hair however they want, but I still noticed they all had the same hairstyle. It may have something to do with when this photo was shot. Anyways most black models i see are rocking either the curls or shaved look so… 🙂

    • Funny. I’m relaxed and I was thinking the same thing. I like to see variety. Not just in skin tones but hairstyles and textures as well.

      But that group shot was obviously done for commercial use. I.e. promoting the model search. They look fantastic though. The models will probably get lots of jobs from that one shot, even if they don’t win.

  2. Oops sorry about the cussing. Will respect that. I tend to get really “Irish-y” with my language. Not meaning to offend, but am respectful (and a mite ashamed) when it’s pointed out.

    Agree with people chosing whatever suits them hairwise, it’s just this is so off putting to see (some of) those bumpy weaves. At least do them properly…..

  3. You know what, I’ve got this observation to make as well, that just came to mind….

    I used to believe, and still do to a large extent, that it was black (American or those of us born here in the West) who actually made our hair “political”, but I’m not sure after seeing such pictures of African models vying for a Western model title. I have to ask: why would they want these models to look monolithic?.

    • I’m not sure when or where the politicizing of black hair started, but it happens, from white Americans, very little to none at all in my experience. All I see on the internet is black women “othering” themselves by saying no one will date/marry/etc them because of their hair texture. Meanwhile I’ve gotten complements from both blacks and whites and people wanting to touch my hair.

      I think the baggage that some bw have from the black collective, regarding skin color/hair, they carry with them to non-black circles when in reality people could care less. they make a nice comment and that’s the end of it. Or they have tons of questions about it (mostly non-black women) and whether I’m in the mood/have time, we’ll talk about hair differences or i just let them talk about their hair routine. I didn’t grow up in a black community so I’m honestly not sure what the big commotion is among some AA women about their hair.

      • As you young people say: THIS.
        When I moved here to Swissland as a married young woman, I had long relaxed hair that I gradually had to cut because 23odd yrs ago, there was nary an hair dresser for my type of hair (things have “improved” with the influx of Dominicans and Brits). Needless to say, I was transitioning by that time, going from braids, which were worshipped by Swiss men, then a short afro, which was worshipped by “older” Swiss men, then locs, which was worshipped by young liberal (links-rote) Swiss men, to now my wild afro which is worshipped by ALL. I only get “funny” comments from expat black American males, who are few here at my place of work.(we have tons, tons of black Brits. Both sexes!!!). So agree that this “phenomenon” of politicising our hair comes from us, irrespective of the background, we should be over this by now, like so many things that we allow to hold us back. Yeah, am not going to go on about this, as it’s again tiring. Thanks for allowing me to vent the fustration I see on the net- ONLY-. Thankfully,the black women I meet here are sooooooooo above this.

        PS: This morning getting off the tram at my place of work, I saw this skinny black Brit female with this drop dead GORGEOUS male. I know her. Kind of. She used to work on my floor, but moved apparently. Thought she had gone back to England. Nonetheless, I caught her eye, said hello, looked at him, he smiled. The young Brit acted all possessive, giving me a stare. I was so flabbergasted. Do you know when I got to my desk there was an email from here asking to have coffee with me, which I agreed to. She proceeded to let me know that that young’un was hers, ie, her boyfriend and they’re trying to keep it all discreet. Just so I know. LOL!!!!!.

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