Be An Angel Day


This is a day on which people around the world are encouraged to BE like the Angels and to do one small act of service for others .  Be a blessing in someone’s life.

Rev. Jayne H. Feldman, Author and Angel Teacher,  is the founder of Be An Angel Day and was inspired by the Angels to celebrate this day.  The first annual celebration was in 1993.

Those who wish to participate can celebrate this day on an individual basis or with a group activity in holding a joyous angel party or with a group meditation.

The whole purpose of the annual celebration of BE AN ANGEL DAY is to establish a cooperation in service to God between the human and angelic kingdoms. The key word that describes the angels is SERVICE and BE AN ANGEL DAY is a day to be like the angels and perform divinely inspired acts of service for others.

BE AN ANGEL DAY is a perfect opportunity to deliver to others messages of love, hope, faith, and peace.


One thought on “Be An Angel Day

  1. Everyday, every minute of my day. It’s a part of me. Period. Hence why I’m not big on Xmas holidays and such. They come across too superficial as I believe that either one’s aware and a moralistic human ALL the time or NOT. I party during the Xmas holidays(really hedonistically) just to stick my finger at those “holier than thou” Christian heathens!. MEH!

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