My College Must-Do List!

To ensure that you make the most of the upcoming school year, here’s a list of 7 goals to consider completing before the school year is over:

Start planning your study abroad trip (country, financial aid, length of trip,etc)

Secure an internship OR volunteer position in a field you are interested in

Update (or start) your resume and cover letter

Have at least one faculty or professor that you can count on to receive a letter of recommendation

Create or continue your health & wellness regime

Join an organization/club BONUS: join one that you see yourself potentially holding a leadership position in

Network for future employment. This can be anything from going to professional organizations, speaking with professors and staff members have had careers in your area of study (and connections) to looking up local business in the phone book (remember those?) in industries that you are interested in working in and asking questions about what they are looking for in a future employee.

I’ll be doing a blog post on each of these more in-depth next few weeks in addition to featured guests speaking on them, but I’m curious what your goals are for this upcoming academic year and how you hope to accomplish them!!

Live Well!

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