Women in Sports: Zina Garrison

It is so strange that I have never heard of Zina Garrison, but her story is an amazing one. Great post 🙂

BLACK WOMEN IN AMERICA: ZINA GARRISON Many fans of tennis are familiar with the names of Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, and Chris Evert. Even more know of the famous Williams Sisters–Venus and Serena–who have rocked the sport of tennis with their brilliant, flamboyant and beautiful contributions to tennis. But, how many of you know of Zina Garrison? During the 1980s she was a force to be reckoned with on the court, and off the court, she was the epitome of reserve and decor … Read More


6 thoughts on “Women in Sports: Zina Garrison

  1. Not strange at all if you’re not into tennis. I surmise the William sisters made it popular with this generation, but because I enjoy watching this sport(the men mostly :-))), I knew of Zina Garrison. She’s done lots of good things too off the court…..

    • She seems very calm, cool, and collected. I’ll have to go find some old interviews of her on youtube or some other site. She seems to be very aware of her image and brand. I would like Serena to more of that when she is walking around in these outfits that are designed to women with no bust or butt (and those tacky lingerie tennis outfits smh) or when she is being really aggressive to the officials on the court. Everything she does is going to be watched and analyzed. It seems like Venus is the more calm one of the two.

  2. I just can’t watch Serena Williams play as I’m always anticipating some tasteless outfit she deems tennis worthy. Pity no one seems to be able to convince how horrible she looks!.

    • Is she trying to get attention? Does she realize that she doesn’t need to do much to get attention (i.e. one of the few minority players in tennis and she’s pretty). They are just really tasteless outfits that do nothing for her body type. The simple outfits she wore back in the day were much more presentable. When you look fit and exotic like she does, there is no need for the loud and tacky outfits.

      • Very true. It’s like being one of the few exotics on the floor where I work in a very conservative business and dressing in short short skirts with highheels. I’d be asking for it. Trust there was a time (after my divorce) I did just that. Got attention all right, just not the kind I wanted and it almost cost me a very good job…..

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