5 Reason You Should Learn French & the Online Resources to Help You

Reason 1:
French is spoken in more than 30 countries on 5 continents by over 300 million people as either a primary or secondary language.
Reason 2:
If you are interested in working for any of the following organizations and institutions, French, along with English, is their official working language:
  • the United Nations
  • NATO
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
  • the International Labor Bureau
  • the International Olympic Committee
  • the 31-member Council of Europe
  • the European Community
  • the Universal Postal Union
  • the International Red Cross
Reason 3:
The United States is France’s leading investor, creating 25% of new jobs in France. There are over 2400 US companies in France, generating 240,000 jobs. Companies include IBM, Microsoft, Dow Chemical, Coca-Cola and many others.
In other words, you will be more competitive in the national and international job market in industries like business, medicine, aviation, law, and luxury goods.

Reason 4:
By learning french, you will develop critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving skills. French also provides the base for more than 50% of the modern English vocabulary, which improves performance on standardized tests and other types of exams.
Reason 5:
French can be the gateway to graduate school and to important research. In scientific fields at the graduate level, many American universities require a reading knowledge of French in order for you to be able to conduct research. France continues to be a leader and innovator in science and technology. Civil engineering, space/aeronautics, medical technologies, and telecommunications are just a few areas in which France is a world leader.  
Learning French does not require expensive tutors. So you want to be careful not to end up paying more money than is necessary. Learning French is an ongoing process.  If you’re interested in learning French but aren’t in a French-speaking country or have the option of in-class instruction, there are a plethora of free online resources for learning foreign languages.
Here are some of my favorite sites I have found helpful:
Live Mocha
French Paris Online
If you would like more creative and fun ways to learn French or have any, leave your comments below.
Live Well!

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