Somali writer and journalist Igiaba Scego

Igiaba Scego was born in Rome in 1974 to Somali parents. She writes for l’Unità, “Internazionale” and many other magazines that talk about migrations and African cultures, such as “Nigrizia”. Among her books: Pecore nere (Laterza 2005), Oltre Babilonia (Donzelli 2008) and La mia casa è dove sono (Rizzoli 2010) winner of the Mondello award.

What do you always have in tour handbag?

“Too much stuff! In fact, my bags are always either gigantic or don’t close right. I need like a Mary Poppins handbag… they should invent it. What I always have in my handbag: extra glasses, a toothbrush, a book, lipstick.”

Something about yourself you would never change

“My brain.”

A symbol you hate

“I hate the swastika and the fasces.”

Your favorite character from the Odyssey

“Well, him Ulysses.”

Your favorite snack when you were at school

“When I was little? I can’t remember. I think something with chocolate. I love chocolate.”

A moment that you would like to relive

“From my life or from history? From my life I would love to relive the second time (yes, the second time, wow!) that I was able to meet for 5 minutes (5 whole minutes!) Caetano Veloso. I worship that man. I love Brazilian music.”

Advice from the summer

“Read (lots and lots), love others, eat healthy and believe in a world where violence has no place.”


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